Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Services in Hillingdon

Cleaning your diesel particulat filter is the best and most cost effective way to prolong its life. Our DPF cleaning service is available to all makes and models of diesel vehicles including personal cars, business vans and agricultural vehicles.

A functioning catalytic converter and particulate filter is essential for the optimal effieciency of every diesel engine. These filters often have to be replaced, with this comes an expensive service which customers often don't forsee. However, it doesn't have to be this way.

Instead of swapping old for new particulate filter can also confine itself to a thorough cleaning of the filter to make it work again as a crucial link for each diesel engine.

DPF-Diesel Services Ltd will help you with this. Using a patented European technology can we clean clogged particulate filter in a professional manner so that they can then be easily used again. This not only avoids a lot of unnecessary waste of unnecessarily discarded filters, it also saves customers a lot of money. Extend the life of the diesel particulate filter and contribute to a cleaner and better environment.

To book your DPF in for a clean at our London based workshop, please see "Book Your DPF Clean"

Save Money On Your DPF Clean

Save money

The results of cleaning your existing DPF is as if it were brand new. Avoid replacing your diesel particulate filter for an expensive new one.

Help the environment

Help The Environment

Help to reduce emissions and soot expulsion. A thorough clean helps your cars performance and MPG.

Easy Service

Easy & Efficient

We will arrange a courier to pick up and deliver your DPF filter to us & return it to you once it has been cleaned.


Quality Guaranteed

We provide a detailed report of your DPF filter before and after we have thoroughly cleaned it. Giving you piece of mind that your DPF filter is working efficiently

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